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PowerMate and the HVAC Contractor

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Mark my words not the floor with non-marking wheels please!


“My current hand truck has black rubber wheels that mark the floor. Do your hand trucks have non-marking wheels?”

We get that question a lot and the answer is yes. All PowerMate® stair climbing hand trucks have solid, non-marking hard rubber wheels which means your floors and stairs will remain in the condition you found them in. Many non-PowerMate® hand trucks have pneumatic air filed rubber tires that are not really suited for stair climbing and tend to leave a mark on wood and tile surfaces. PowerMate® sells pneumatic tires for movement outdoors over rough terrain but are designed to ‘stay behind’ when you and your load are indoors on tile floors and stairs. This arrangement provides the best of both worlds for those that require non-marking wheels and air filled pneumatic tires.

This is just another example of the PowerMate® difference. We work hard to provide you with the best product possible for your business. By protecting property from damage during a move your PowerMate® will contribute to your profitability by reducing general liability claims which in turn contributes to your return on investment (ROI). It may be a small thing but we know that small things can add up over time and when added together with the big advantages like labor savings and enhanced safety, your PowerMate® can easily be one of the best equipment investments a company can make.

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